Christmas. Time of a magical atmosphere, when you can finally breath, relax, and spend all your time with your family and friends. How do we know it has finally arrived?
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Spring has come so we present to you our new issue of 1349 IB Journal. This month we bring you a new look (thanks to our editor and webmaster Kamil!) and a new series - Classic British Films, as well as a new column dedicated to National Theatre Live broadcasts in Multikino Stary Browar! In our new issue you can also find out what is going on in the school and in Poznań. Check out the new Sherlock review, and find yourself a new addiction ;) Enjoy the spring!


Here's to Aleksandra Kmiecik and Zuzanna Kostyra with our THANKS for your zeal and hard work producing "1349 IB School Journal". We appreciate everything you did to start the enterprise and keep it in shape! Best of luck at your final exams!
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Well, well, well...It's finally over. I'm sure I'll never forget this school year. Although it was not as tough as I'd been said it would be, it really tired me out... Read more
I don't think many of you have hear about our amateur school theatre "Earnest" before, but this year you had a chance to not only hear about it, but catch in "in the act". Its actors have been working hard the whole year to stage "The Glass Menagerie", and fortunately they succeeded! Read more
Latest articles:
The Ivory Coast, a small coca farm. 8-year old Hussein just as 1.8 million of children under 18, has to work the whole day in hazardous conditions. He gets no pay, even though he puts his health in jeopardy being exposed to... Read more

The school year is over, and so it is time for summaries. Find out for yourselves what we have been up to this year :) Our artisitc activity ("Earnest" Theatre) as well as the volountary one (support for the Fairtrade Organization) were described in our new articles. Thanks to our colleague Daniel, you can find out what it means to be a pre-IB student. As always, we bring you some recommendations and reviews, so be sure to check the National Theatre Live column!
As it is the last issue before the summer holidays, we want to thank you all for being with us! Huge thanks to all who help us with the website technically and literary.
And to our dear fellow stundent we wish the nicest holidays possible! Rest and sleep well. Laugh a lot. Enjoy the freedom! ^^

See you all in September!


We are a bunch of highly-spirited, enthusiastic, though completely inexperienced new editors, ready to present You the revived version of IB Journal. Bringing the site back to life, we've decided to ring some changes, including new, amazing sectionswhere we'll write about our daily life, hobbies, things we do as part of IB programme and much more. Among others, our Journal will include: Martyna's Bookworm Corner, Kuba's How to Survive Maths at IB, Marysia's comic strip, Sebastian's section about everyday life and Julia's art lover column. We'll try to write regularly, though can't promise anything except for making every issue as interesting and creative as we can.

Take care and enjoy the new Journal!